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I worked for years as a Behavior Analyst in a clinical, community and educational setting. I supported children of all ages in making behavior change, as well as teachers and parents in modifying their own behavior in order to positively impact learning and behavior in their students and children. 

After my first daughter was born I began my health and fitness journey with goals to improve my overall health and well being in order to be a great role model and the best version of myself for my family and me, while continuing my full time working mom gig in the field of Behavior Analysis.  My health and fitness journey continued after my second daughter was born; however, my full time working mom gig ended and I took on a part time work from home job in order to be at home with my girls while they were young. During this time I learned more and more about creating sustainable habits for a healthy life. As behavior analysts we use science and data to analyze, modify, and change behaviors that are socially significant using behavior change tactics.When I discovered I could combine my background with my passion to support others to improve their quality of life and regain a sense of wellbeing, coaching was a no brainer!​

One of my passions is overall wellness. I feel strongly about showing others how to change their health based behaviors by motivating and inspiring them to fuel their bodies with real food and move their bodies everyday. My goal is to show people ways to find balance in their lives and live a healthy lifestyle each day, rather than the all too common cycle of YOLO and “no eating for a week so I can fit in that dress!”.

It is possible to balance a love for donuts (we have "donut Friday" every week!) with a desire to be your healthiest self and I have found more love and appreciation for my body and all that it does in that balance. I have created a platform to share this through social media.

​I truly believe in the effectiveness of applying the principles of Behavior Analysis to create habits for helping people make significant, meaningful changes in their lives, and knowing that I can be part of that change in someone else’s life is both inspiring and rewarding.