BCBA Supervision

When you run into something, drop everything else and study it. - B.F. Skinner

About Yoanna Vaughan, MA, BCBA

I have worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2009 and have provided direct service and clinical expertise to children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, those that engage in severe problem behavior, ADHD and emotional and behavior disorders.  

I received my masters degree from Ball State University in 2014 and became a certified Behavior Analyst in 2015.  I am a co-author on an article discussing reinforcement and punishment procedures in order to increase a toddler's sitting tolerance: https://www.jcpaba.com/uploads/3/9/2/1/39211607/heather_corey_jcpba_2017.pdf

I utilize a combination of a supervision program through SupervisorABA which focuses discussion and assignments based on the 4th or 5th task list as well as student driven based on your employment/placement experiences and coursework.

What you Will Need

  • An ABA field placement or job

  • Access to a computer

  • Internet access

  • Headset and microphone

  • A web camera

  • A way to video tape your work

  • Field placement administrator consent and support

  • Client consent to be recorded or observed remotely by supervisor

  • A sincere desire to learn and enhance your skills

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Amount of Supervision

According to BACB guidelines, students must receive 30 minutes of supervision for every ten hours of ABA services that they are providing (over a two week period). The most efficient way to get your supervision hours completed is to engage in at least 30 hours of ABA each week. This way you can receive 1.5 hours of supervision each week and complete your supervision cycle in about one year. If you are working less than 30 hours/week, you can still receive supervision, but it will take longer for you to satisfy the BACB requirements.


I will observe you in the sent videos and then I will meet with you for one hour. This comes to 1.5 hours of supervision each week.

Upward Curve

Online Video Observation

In order to participate in online supervision, I MUST observe you providing ABA services.  Sharing video on Google Drive is the most efficient and I should receive video three days prior to our meeting so that I have time to review it and record notes. I typically need to see about 20 minutes of video each week. These videos can be short clips or full sessions with your clients.

Computer Software Guidance

Cost of Supervision

Individual supervision cost is set at $85 per hour.