Mountain View ABA, LLC: Well and Fit offers 1:1 clinical services and online coaching targeting healthy behavior change, featuring:

  • Direct consultation: Face-to-face via video, phone call

  • Individualized Assessment: A personal or company case review

  • Selection of Valuable Targets: Start with small targets to build momentum

  • Ongoing Evaluation: Allows constant adaptation and flexibility to meet goals

  • Weekly and Monthly feedback: A foundation of online coaching

  • Continuous Monitoring and Coaching: A personal touch giving you confidence to reach your goals

The length of your coaching sessions are not based on a specific time frame but on your progress in creating sustainable behavior change. Once desired behaviors are attained a process to fade services will be made.  This will ensure that your new behaviors will be maintained over time. 

I am so glad you are interested in getting started in creating a healthier lifestyle. I will be in touch soon!