What to Expect

As a Behavioral coach, I use an evidence-based, individualized and whole person approach for coaching you through desired behavior changes. 


Every person is on their own journey, and a one-size fits all approach is NOT the answer.


I help my clients examine all aspects of their life to determine areas in which they feel they are not functioning optimally and then help them develop a wellness plan based on their readiness for change.


As a coach, I support my clients in discovering what changes they would like to make based on what is most important to them. I help to empower my clients by having them tap into their own knowledge-base and strengths to put together a wellness plan.


The reality is that most of us “know” what changes we need to make but struggle to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.


In behavioral coaching, I help my clients develop a plan that is realistic and fits their unique situation and life. We start with small, doable goals leading to long-term, sustainable changes in line with the person’s optimal vision of health.

Is Coaching right for you?

Clients work with on a variety of health targets. These may include issues general physical activity exercise, nutrition, sleep, and other health-related support needed by you.

This is right for you if: 

  • You need help getting started and do not know where to begin

  • Are “stuck” and would like expert guidance

  • Your previous attempts at improving your health have not gotten the results you need.

  • You want to create sustainable healthy habits for your family 

1:1 Coaching
Get Started on specific self-selected goals
Group Coaching
Jumpstarting your health journey with a group of like-minded individuals; creating accountability while working on individualized goals and habits to sustain and maintain living well and fit physically and mentally.
Appropriate Fuel
Kick unhealthy habits that don't fuel your body
Family Habits
Creating Sustainable Goals for your entire Family
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